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Seigyn delivers the final chapter to the Heian trilogy with "Lexagon"

If you're a fan of dark, cinematic music like I am, you need to check out Seigyn. When I heard their first original song "Dark City" about a year ago, I knew I had found a group to watch out for in the future. You know when you listen to a song and it feels like it actually takes you somewhere? That's what happens when I listen to Seigyn. Their music takes listeners on a journey of a deep space exploration with the use of cinematic sounds, ruthless drums, eerie vocals and sinister synths. Not only does it feel like your traveling through space, but there actually is a back story to go along with their music. 

"Lexigon" is the third and final chapter in the Heian trilogy, which began with "Dark City." Although this marks the end of the first story, I have a feeling this is only the beginning for Seigyn. Join the journey by streaming "Lexgion" below and follow them on their socials to find out more about their story.

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