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BLU J slows down Ariana Grande's "In 2 U"

San Francisco/Vancouver-based BLU J has peaked to an impressive 29k following on Soundcloud with his deep and groovy approach to production. Their collaboration "GDBYE" with indie-pop songstress MOONZz is one of their most recent masterpieces which has blown up. The production duo has a unique ability to add dimension and spunk to the deep house sound with their manipulated synths. It's deep house with a dark and sultry twist, embracing the lower depths of range but with a definite funk. 

You know what they say, something blue, something borrowed. And though production duo, BLU J has borrowed the catchy vocals of Ariana Grande in their "In 2 U" remix, there is no shortage of originality. The anthem of the summer has been stuck in our heads whether we like it or not. BLU J takes on the poppy work and implements a tapered groove with its heavy bass-lines. With peculiar percussions and a chilled touch to the work, "IN 2 U" takes on a completely different identity. BLU J's plucking synths and bouncy atmosphere shapes Ariana's track into a downtempo track to slowly groove to. 

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