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Ghasper's "Brand" is a melodic masterpiece dosed with quirk

A producer named Ghasper has been ringing through innovative works that the world has been sleeping on. The Sin City-based producer takes future bass to another dimension, with zany samples and unconventional approaches. Ghasper has mastered a true art in his sound, taking the peculiarities of high-pitched squeaks and bouncy metallic synths to create something divine. If you take a peep at the producer's library, you'll come to find the tracks only get progressively more polished throughout time. His last track blatantly titled "Fuck", was a sonic trip, taking influence from oriental melodies over hard-hitting hip-hop beats.

In the Ghasper's newest work "Brand", he utilizes a manipulated vocal hook to reel listeners into the colourful abyss he's birthed. A fluctuating side chain and atmospheric glow create an overall enigmatic vibe to the work, elevating it to more than just another future bass track. It's easy to label something that's unorthodox as experimental, but Ghasper's sound dives beyond that. His choice in sound design and creative tactics all seem purposeful, making the work seamlessly fluid. The fresh sound has gripped our attentions and all we can do now is wait for the next colourful work to be released from the producer. 

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