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Captain Murphy releases some midnight terror on "Crowned"

Flying Lotus's evil alter-ego, Captain Murphy, has reappeared to once again cause nightmarish mischief. If you had any doubt that the Captain only harbors evil intentions after "Between Villains," "Crowned" will quickly settle that silly internal debate for you. 

Captain's entry to Adult Swim's "Singles 2016" campaign feels like it could also find itself on a gory horror film's soundtrack. "Crowned" features a menacingly sluggish bassline that loiters about, as weary percussion sneak around the shadows. It is the sound of trouble. Captain does nothing but aid the creation of this dark and twisted ambiance, with his deliberate whisper delivery. He sounds equal parts serial killer and anxious schoolboy.

"Crowned" is slightly unnerving, which is a testament to Flying Lotus' expert song creating. Listener's uncomfortable feeling may lead to some never pressing reply, to avoid the unpleasant experience ever again. However, do not let these descriptions dissuade you to give it a listen. Captain Murphy may be a villain, but he is a lovable one at best. Check it out above.

Connect with Captain Murphy: Youtube | Twitter | Soundcloud

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