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Dear David gives Roby's "Waterfalls" a new spin [Premiere]

Dear David seemingly came out of nowhere in 2014. His first official original release became his breakout track, and "I've Been Waiting" has become an extremely recognizable track since. With a scintillating melody and later added vocals "I've Been Waiting" was the launchpad for Dear David's career. Since then, the Stockholm-based artist has been working on quality over quantity in releases, with 2015's "Hypnotize" eponymous to its sound, and his next single just getting its first play on BBC Radio 1 last week. Ahead of the release of "Fever" on October 14th and his forthcoming Yours Truly EP release in 2017, he's gotten another recognized single under his belt - this time in the form of a remix.

Dear David's remix of Roby's "Waterfalls" is another glimpse into the elusive, yet obviously talented, producer's sound and taste. A mixture of live instrumentalism and electronica, this remix of "Waterfalls" surprises at every turn, remaining entrancing through the incorporation of vocals, vocal sampling, and production that feels totally organic. Take your first listen to the track here ahead of its release tomorrow.

Connect with Dear David: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Dance · House


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