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MoonBeat pulls through a glistening rework of "Wild Love"

The Weeknd, Francis and the Lights and Cashmere Cat undeniably had one of the most significant collaborations of the summer. The tune was a sonic masterpiece, bringing out the unique qualities of all artists. "Wild Love" had a hypnotic nature, stroking and sifting out through obscurities to intrigue listeners. With its deep digital influence and manipulations, "Wild Love" became an anthem that combined soul equally with the flexibilities in which electronic music provides us. 

Adding his own flair to the work is producer Moonbeat. The Los Angeles-based producer has been releasing some eclectic heat in the last couple of months. Diving into a more experimental trap and future bass sound, MoonBeat uses quirk to his advantage. His sound encompass a wide range from sweet clacking synths to frilly bass-lines and unorthodox samples. In tracks like "HAUNT" and "Infinity", he collaborates his innovative beats with silky vocals, tightening a thrilling juxtaposition between idyllic and bizarre. His "Wild Love" remix is a mellowed down and more lucid take on the work. By adding a light ambience, MoonBeat adds a captivating fluidity in the work. With looping melodies and a tactful selection of synths, MoonBeat develops a cohesive remix, flipping the track into a colorful bliss to enjoy. 

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