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Drive around with Joey Purp and Chance The Rapper to find out where the "Girls @" [Video]

After dropping the criminally underrated iiiDrops mixtape in May, Joey Purp returns with a new video offering from the project. "Girls @" features the fellow SAVEMONEY member and current crowned prince of hip-hop, Chance The Rapper.

The latter rapper's inclusion should clue you in on this song's sound and vibe: it is jubilant and fun. The two Chicago MCs exchange verses detailing their great love of females, in all varieties. While it is all about Purp's and Chance's attempt to chat up girls and eventually take one—or more realistically be taken—home by one, the song does not seem overly vulgar or chauvinistic; "Girls @" is lighthearted and whimsical, which is definitely an energy recreated in the accompanying visuals.

"Girls @" features the two SAVEMONEY rappers and friends going wild on a rooftop. Appropriately enough, majority of the scenes are filled with a plethora of beautiful women causing mischief or posing. There is a car driving through a number of obstacles, which happens to include Chance at one point. A friend manically drives around Purp, when he is not looking for the hidden girls. It is a lively video that will have you feeling good. Check it out above.

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