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Leat'eq & Wanna Wake's latest is pure "Felicity" (feat. Haley Gorman)

What better way to brighten the hump day blues than a perky future bass work to lift up your spirits? 18 yr-old house and trap producer Leat'eq has a massive future bass sound, depicting quirky blips and metallic synths. The artist has come into collaboration with production duo, Wanna Wake, who exhibit more of an epic big room vibe.

Together the two team up to create something special with their latest release "Felicity" released via Daily Earfood.  With completely opposite sounds coming together, the artists use Haley Gorman's vocals as the glue to their work. "Felicity" has a futuristic sound with thrilling compositions to embrace Haley Gorman's soul-drenched chops. The melodies shine in their form of digital blips. The sweetest part of the track follows the first verse in it's winding breakdown. Leat'eq and Wanna Wake master that whooping side chain to boost flavor in the piano excerpt. Promoting feel good vibes all around "Felicity" is a fun work that proves how two different sounds can come together in unison. 

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