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Mndsgn searches for love in Japan in "Wherever U R"

As a music writer, I often find myself rendered numb by the overabundance of new releases (usually to the extent where I avoid my inbox for days on end). It's easy to feel lost in this age of constant release cycles & media, until I hear a record by an artist that reminds me of why I got so passionate about music in the first place.

One tried and true example has been LA-based producer Mndsgn, whose vast discography of textured broken beats & dense synth melodies have been an important staple in my journey as a puzzled young adult. His latest opus is his Body Wash LP through Stones Throw records in which the beatsmith explores a much more funked-out sound seemingly inspired by George Clinton & his P-Funk collective amongst others. He has recently released a VHS recorded visual for the track "Wherever U R" directed and edited by Alima Jennings, in which our protagonist scours the streets of Tokyo for love after a chance encounter. Check it out above and make sure to peep the Body Wash LP!

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