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No Way Back perks up L D R U's "Next to You" feat. Savoi

Four months ago, Australian based producer L D R U released the colourful track "Next to You" featuring Savoi. It's poppy feel and silky R&B vibes made the track one to remember. With Savoi's smooth vocals over an eclectic curation of sounds, "Next to You" dwindled listeners into almost a sonic psychedelic experience.

When I first heard Los Angeles based producer No Way Back's rendition, I noticed I was automatically drawn to the uplifting vibes it emitted. Also known as Anthony Pisano, No Way Back has a warm house sound that truly speaks to the soul. I'm a huge fan of simple bass lines, as it brings forward the most minimal way of depicting emotion. This remix of "Next to You" is a lustful work, with it's enticing bass melody pulling listeners in closer to the rawness of the production. Alluding to the emotions of a fleeting young love with the track's charming lyrics, No Way Back emphasizes that feeling in this remix. Ending the track with the isolation of that poignant bass-line, listeners are left in a space of bliss and contentment.

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