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Snails & Pegboard Nerds go hard and "Deep in the Night"

What happens when you put two major bass acts in one studio? Double the filth, double the bass and double the infectious energy that your average basshead will devour. The pioneer of Vomit-step, Snails and Monstercat favourites, Pegboard Nerds, have come together to create the highly anticipated "Deep in the Night". The track was initially previewed on OWSLA Radio's Episode 15. With both acts known for their boisterous bass sounds, their latest release is an undeniably monstrous tune. 

"Deep in the Night" begins with subtle sounds of the jungle, with daunting screeches and cinematic wails throughout the intro. As listeners go deeper into the track, it's evident there's some sort of adventure to be unraveled within the cryptic atmosphere. Chaos ensues in the drop with Snails' signature throbbing dubstep style, creating a beat full of the sloppiest yet most enticing sounds. With the combination of hype vocals, robot burps and the innovative persistence found in Pegboard Nerds and Snails sound design, "Deep in the Night" creates for an action-filled track. Check out Snails as he joins Borgore in the Safe in Sound tour. Additionally, Pegboard Nerds joins Seven Lions on "The Journey" tour which also kicks off this fall. 

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