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Meet 565 and their breakout track "Smoke, Drink, Breakup"

It's comforting to know that SoundCloud can still maintain its function as a destination to discover new and untapped artists as they head out on their quest to make it. We were reinvigorated with fervor to discover music via the streaming platform after discovering the brand new 565

While we can't tell much about 565 beyond its members, Niklas and Andreas, their Norwegian background, and that they're big on UK garage. Their single track on their SoundCloud account, though, speaks much more beyond just those stats. 

"Smoke, Drink, Breakup" might sound like a title slapped on a song by a nascent teenage artist, but again, the work 565 has put into their first foray into the world is impressively mature and thoughtful. While their "thing" might be UK house, "Smoke, Drink, Breakup" goes way beyond that with an almost experimental combination of house elements and a commendable use of a 90's R&B sounding vocal.

Connect with 565: SoundCloud 

Dance · House · Indie Dance


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