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Fans of NEEDTOBREATHE will love "Embers" by The Brevet [Premiere]

Our parents and grandparents may have some epic Nicholas Sparks driven “how we met stories” with cute gestures and tales of love at first site. Alas for us, our modern romance parallels an awkward Broad City hook up, a mismatched Girls fling, or a drunken drug-fueled one-night stand that would put Anne Hathaway’s character in Havoc to shame. In The Brevet’s latest “Embers,” they wax-nostalgic and pine for that old romance. Upbeat and optimistic guitars and compelling vocals create a mood that shakes the concept of modern monogamy at its core and reminds all hopeless romantics that old romance is alive and well, we just have to stoke the coals to spark the embers.

Today, the band shares the visuals for the song, directed by Sarah Wilson Thacker. The video is all shot in one take and follows the different life stages of a woman as told through contemporary dance via Ashley Wilkerson. The choreography perfectly amplifies the radiant and aspirational vibe of the song. Enjoy the video and check E M B E R S : Ch. 2 below!

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