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TAC XII delivers a video narrative for "New Day"

We've visited with San Diegan rapper TAC XII in the past, but never in this fashion. You may remember his project CULTURE, which I called "a cornerstone of this generation's indie rap game". I still retain that opinion, and the growth we see in his visuals for "New Day" can only be a bolstering support beam for my original thoughts back in January.

Similar to a Bonnie and Clyde story, TAC's video takes us on a more modern journey as he points out the time in the day, ultimately ending up in a dramatic ending on the edge of a cliff. Artsy, yet perfect with his lyrical narrative, combining modern aesthetics with a classical style of rap. The quality of this video out performs all of his past visuals, which only tells me the chart is on its way up–not down.

"Poppin' off at the mouth like I'm Pac in the two seater…" This type of play is typical for TAC. It's always quick, clever, and takes a few listens to truly take in the whole meaning. I see the same in this video, as I rewinded back and forth three or four times. Check it out below and get sucked in.

You can listen to all of CULTURE below.

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