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Introducing 88 Palms release new New York themed music video "Bright Lights"

New York based duo 88 Palms are everything about the city, with a good dose of vintage glamour that one might find in the Manhattan of yesteryears. 88 Palms consists of singer Ria Bouttier and keyboardist for Midnight Magic Morgan Wiley. The two have newly come together and already have a smash success with the slinky, sexy video "Bright Lights," out today on EARMILK. 

The visuals for "Bright Lights" are cinematic, but all in color and live up to their namesake. Understandably, the two have clocked a lot of hours DJing clubs in the city, both on rooftops and in underground warehouses. "Bright Lights" can be seen as the perfect finale for August, drifting away the end of summer with it's sultry imagery and intoxicating disco dreams. 

Connect with 88 Palms: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook 

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