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Goldwash is back with "Honest" and hot diggity it's pretty great

Music that's hard to categorize usually gets labeled as "experimental", which is fine and dandy but there's a lot of music that sounds unconventional, making "experimental" a vast and often indescribable genre. 

Perhaps this is why Goldwash has self-labeled the eclectic sounds he creates as "existential funk" and there could be no better description. Trumpet-laden, oddly vocal chop speckled tracks like "But U Won't" first introduce listeners to what "existential funk" could sound like. Then, a track like "Need To Hear" with its mishmash clutter of odd pops and clucks further expands on this self-created genre. For the ones who have discovered the tracks that Goldwash has released these past few months, each one is like a speck of gold that's a delightful surprise in the muddy refuse of SoundCloud. 

Goldwash's most recent single "Honest" was released via Boiler Room and it's a gritty, slamming track to tingle the senses. Jazzy piano chords transition back and forth with snapping percussion and a crazy, razor-laced bass that keeps ears awake. By the time the track lapses into dissonance near the end, listeners will be inching to click "replay" to delve back into a world punctured by addictive, chaotic sounds. 

"Honest" is off of Goldwash's upcoming EP "LDR" due this fall.

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