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Jump in a time machine with Pomona Dream and their latest video for "Gladdic Wox"

Pomona Dream come to their fans today with a retro inspired video for their single "Gladdic Wox" fresh off their Rainbow Milk EP. At first glance and first listen you might think you are watching a video from the early 90s.What can only be described as spacefunk infused hip pop and funk filtered through the nostalgia of a VHS tape. The video is all sorts of weird, but if you're into weird than Pamona Dream have got you covered. When speaking on the singles title "Gladdic Wox" lead  singer Sandra Bang imagined the term that can only be described as "being pleased within one’s shell".  A certain bravado to one’s presence.  After all, are you what you look like or who you feel like being?"

Go ahead and hop in a time machine with Pomona Dream below. 

Connect with Pomona Dream: Soundcloud I Facebook 

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