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Isaiah Rashad launders up some smooth vibes in "Free Lunch" video

After spending two days salivating over the southern-jazzy vibes of Isaiah Rashad's "Free Lunch," fans can now feast on the tracks accompanying video. Following in the footsteps of his previous visuals, his latest features simple imagery steeped with deeper meaning. Young Zay spends the majority of his time in the APlus directed video gliding around a laundromat, which seems to be under the rule of a cornrow adorned mistress. There is cash in all of the washing machines, seemingly a symbol of some form of money laundering, which transforms into physical manifestations of personal desires: diplomas, groceries, and platinum records.

One can come away from watching "Free Lunch" with a number of different interpretations on the meaning behind the video and all the small added details; however, the most important piece of information is that listeners can anticipate getting their hands on Rashad's next project on September 2, 2016. If the rest of his tape sounds anything like what little we have heard, fans should be excited. Check out the video above and look out for more Isaiah Rashad, coming soon. 

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