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Listen to TVRQUOISE's dream-pop debut "Paralyzed Legs"

What is something in your life that's been holding you back — or something you've needed to eradicate from your life, but just haven't found the courage? In dream-pop duo TVRQUOISE's debut single "Paralyze Legs," they explore this idea of the battle with the conscious to break free or continue to drudge through quicksand, helpless. The song begins with vocal samples that glitch and twinkle like a neon sign flickering outside a gas station. Light percussion and drawn out keys underscore the dazzling vocals before the song erodes into a dark ball and chain waltz of groaning synths as vocalists Faye sings about this internal struggle of feeling trapped and paralyzed. The song shows a beautiful dichotomy of pessimism and optimism, orchestrating an artful balance between shimmering and shuddering measures. 

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Dark Pop · Dreampop · Electro Pop · Pop


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