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DJ Snake unveils new Justin Bieber collaboration "Let Me Love You" off debut album 'Encore'

After working closely with Diplo and Skrillex on a number of hits over the past year, Justin Bieber's string of collaborations with high-profile producers continues with the release of "Let Me Love You," a tropical-tinged pop track featured on DJ Snake's debut album, Encore, which dropped August 5 on Interscope Records.  Bieber's contribution to "Let Me Love You" is a pretty standard pop song, complete with verses, choruses, bridges and catchy melodies and vocal riffs. DJ Snake builds a lush audible environment for that song to live in, starting with a chord progression using Carribean-sounding synthesized drums. The rest of the drum set adds to the tropical vibe and the dancehall groove sounds like it's straight out of "Sorry." Then, DJ Snake puts to use his synth mastery, creating an infectious post-chorus synth hook out of a vocal sample a la his contributions to "Lean On." As with "Where Are U Now," "Sorry," and, more recently, Major Lazer's "Cold Water", "Let Me Love You" demonstrates a pop-edm collaboration at peak form. We hope Bieber's A&R team keeps up the good work. Until then, we've got this new one from DJ Snake on repeat.

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