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Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue says hello with "Pink Flamingo (Yours Truly)" [Premiere]

Just because the Prince dies, doesn't mean the funk dies. At the front of the crusade for modern funk, French Horn Rebellion and their label Ensemble Records will make sure we're not without groovy bass lines and sunny guitar licks. Brooklyn's Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn of Ghost Beach, is the newest member to bring the funk to the Ensemble family and get ready to taste his welcoming release "Pink Flamingos (Yours Truly)."

Laden with Mendelsonhn's falsetto vocals, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue has an electronic funk sound that sits somewhere between Chromeo and Prince. There are those edgy analog synths with that classic feel and even some of that tongue-in-cheek playfulness coming through on the Pink Flamingo welcoming party.

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