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Marcioz's "Emotional Depth" is the non-trap banger you need in your life right now

Brazilian producer Marcioz is back with a new release, and this time it's on Mad Decent's experimental sub label Good Enuff.

With "Emotional Depth (The Lack Thereof)", Marcioz plays around with this hard rock theme that demands attention. Avant-garde in sound and edging dangerously into a place that surely few future bass producers have dared to venture into, "Emotional Depth" is not going to be a song for everyone. But for those seeking something fresh, brilliant, completely different from typical SoundCloud fodder… "Emotional Depth" is definitely worth checking out.

The track is straightforward in direction, jumping from section to section with ease—one minute, the listener is exposed to raucous, snapping guitar that slams down like the pounding of heavy feet, the next minute twinkling chimes seem to hint at a calmer side to the track before purposefully transitioning into an energetic, hardcore synth-fueled segment complete with elaborate trills of guitar soloing.

It seems almost unnecessary to come up with a good description about "Emotional Depth"; all the information listeners need about how they should feel about the track is listed in the SoundCloud description:

"Stadium. Drums. Guitar. Guitar. Bass. Keyboard. Virtuose. Doubt?
Confidence. Confidence. People. People. People. People. People. People.
People. People. People. People. People. Sweat. T-shirt. Name. Her. Love.
Speakers. Amp. Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol. Loud. Loud. Loud. Loud.
Scream. Scream. Scream. Scream. Scream. Piercing. Tattoo. Happy"

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