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The beauty in Ofelia K's most recent track is "Killing Me"

South By Sea artist Ofelia K can do no wrong and she may have just officially jumped Jenny Lewis and Karen O for our number one girl crush. She's shown her weird, bubbly and quirky side with "Cinco." She's  captivated us with her sunny and compassionate side with "I Love My Lawyer" and she's showcased her angelic and melodic vocals on "Bad Boys." Her most recent track "Killing Me" is like warm chocolate fudge pouring over vanilla. Stocatto guitar riffs prance beneath as her infectious voice pirouettes from measure to measure.  Though sunny, the song reflects on how those who you love the most can also hurt you the most. Ofelia proves with her poetic and introspective lyrics that she isn't a surface level pop artist, but one who crafts her words and music with precision and care. If you're in LA, you have the pleasure of checking her out on August 12th, but us New Yorkers still have to wait for her to shimmy out west. 

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