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Medasin slows it down with a fresh groove in "Daydream" ft. JOBA

Medasin is a producer that hails from Dallas and has been constructing and piecing together music since the young age of 12. The past year has been quite the whirlwind for the 19 year old wunderkind producer. He's unleashed a creative take on Flume's "Smoke & Retribution" along with a sugary redo of Kucka's "Honey".  With every anticipated release from the artist, I'm always sure to expect some sort of visceral epiphany in his work. I've been following Medasin for some time now and one consistent trend in all of his releases, is his ability to shape an atmosphere. The producer's solid production skills and crafted ambience are guaranteed to tug at the feels. Whether it be through a remix or original, Medasin has always stood out to me as an underrated producer with an intuitive ability to connect to the pathos.  

Coming out with a fresh new track, "Daydreamer" featuring JOBA, Medasin takes it back with a nostalgic groove. The track premiered via Julie Adenuga's Beats 1, two days ago. Mimicking the in between state of sleep and wakefulness, we're brought through a soulful adventure of simply good vibes. JOBA's vocals exhibit a real emotion that envelop listeners in a sonic blanket of warmth and unanticipated familiarity. The vocals add a classic touch to the intricate production of the track. The smoothness of "Daydream" drags listeners into a slippery state of mind, tickling emotions with it's feathery nature.  

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