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Artist to Watch: Lewis Del Mar [Exclusive Track "Painting (Masterpiece)"]

Rockaway Beach-based duo Lewis Del Mar may seem like an overnight success, especially after rocking the stage of James Corden last night. When they released their first single "Loud(y)" upon the internet the blogs went wild, it climbed up the Spotify, Hypem, and Alternative charts, and it even linked them a record deal with Columbia Records. What seems like celestial serendipity is actually the result of years of hard work, busting their asses waiting tables in Manhattan and writing songs at their DIY studio in their Rockaway Bungalow. Their debut EP, titled plainly EP is the culmination of all this work. Loud(y) is a brute force of distorted electronics, howling drum machines, and a gritty yet delicate vocal performance. Their second track "Wave(s)" trades brash soundscapes for a more melodic and grooving electro-tinged alternative rock song. The following songs, "Malt Liquor" and "Memories" bring back their noisey percussion, showing the innate ability to deliver something salty and sweet and without effort mix oil and water into an invigorating 4 song EP. 

Following the success of their EP, sold out shows in NYC, and rave reviews from SXSW, the group shares a couple more songs that will be on their debut full-length album out later this fall.  As the snow has melted and the sun pours out onto Rockaway Beach, it also overflows into their recent songs. "Painting (Masterpieces)" is an upbeat sunny indie-rock song that trades gnashing electronics and distorted drum machines for glistening acoustics and rhythmic percussion. It's the kind of song you would have in the back of your head as you wade in the water with your summer crush. The song is the perfect indication to the unstoppable musicianship and drive these two have and we can't wait to see what they do next. Check out EP below and be sure to keep your eye on these two. 

Connect with Lewis Del Mar: Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram |  Twitter

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