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Tate Tucker got your summer jam on "7/11"

The City of Angels's Tate Tucker has returned with a summer banger for you to groove to outdoors. Or indoors - whatever you please. "7/11" produced by JULiA LEWiS & Invoker, gets us excited to turn up as Tate sings that he's "stopped drinking at 7 - woke up at 11." Which I'm assuming means 7 AM and then woke up at 11 PM but potentially AM to turn up some more. You know, log those crucial four hours to re-charge real quick. 

Tate talks with the devil on his shoulder as he contemplates, "why it feels so good to feel so bad." And we've all been there. You're like, "No I can totally go out and not drink and have fun" and you attempt to do so but really end up in a penthouse naked with champagne in your hand and money scattered everywhere at 7 AM questioning your morals. Actually, take away the money - no money present as you spent all that shit last night.

This song is split in two parts, the turn up track for the first half and then it switches to the come down and makes a vibey transition in doing so. The first half of the production has a funky-dance-electro bounce to it while Tate fills each pocket with different vocal tones. Around 2 minutes in, the production unwinds for the come down. This is when you high as shit - post turn up. The only thing you can do for your hangover is smoke mass amounts of tree and you aren't even sure if that's helping but you're doing it anyway.

Throw this track on next weekend when you feel like you should call your mom to re-evaluate your life. Don't do that. Just turn up this cut and accept that fact that it's ok to be a degenerate every weekend once in awhile.

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