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Lighten up with a few "Happy Pills" from Alt Rock group Weathers

We're all on a quest to obtain some bit of happiness in the life and we all have our own concoction: moments, music, pills, thrills, puppies, parties, and pubs. Cue "Happy Pills" from rising alternative rock group Weathers. It's a tumblr ready anthem that is bursting at the seems with fa-la-la-las overcast with wailing guitars, smashing percussion, and an intoxicating chorus that will have you finding yourself singing in line for the drive-thru weeks from now. "We take strange things to feel normal" feels like a lyric plucked from the early 2000's Myspace era, and for good reason. The world right now is in a really dark place and, as the song proclaims, everyone is just looking for some small beacon of hope to shatter through the darkness.

Following the success of the single's release, which was the most added song on alternative radio, the band shares a wild music video. It follows an old man who takes his pills and channels his inner youth for a night of debaucherous fun. The single is available now via RCA Records on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google.  Check out the video below and keep your finger on Weathers, they are only just beginning. 

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