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Pretty Lights teams up with BitTorrent to release 'Live in Telluride'

Derek Vincent Smith has made his Pretty Lights project synonymous with taking electronic music to new frontiers. As one of the pioneers of the crate-digging, hip hop-electro-soul movement, since his career launch in 2006 has been pushing music and performance to new levels. With the release of the 2013 A Color Map Of The Sun, he began focusing on the incorporation of live instruments into his music along with the electronic sampling he has become so known for. Inspiring musicians and crate diggers alike, Pretty Lights has also been on a carefully decided tour each year, with annual performances at Bass Lights and in Colorado as well. After announcing his An Episodic Festival and releasing his single "Only Yesterday" in June 2016, Pretty Lights's latest project has just been announced. In collaboration with BitTorrent, listeners can now access live recordings of one of his most revered performances in Telluride, Colorado last year.

“I think that the seclusion of Telluride creates a real opening to focus on getting in touch…with each other, ourselves, and the vibrations we experience as music, light, and life.” - Derek Vincent Smith

Live in Telluride features 13 tracks from the performance, where the DJ/producer was flanked by an impressive band. And in the package from BitTorrent, you can see some pretty impressive photos from the performance as well.

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01 Total Fascination > Sunday School

02 If I Gave You My Love

03 Photo Select from Anthony Verkuilen Media Photo Set [Photo]

04 Photo Select from Lucent Illusion Photo Set [Photo]

05 Photo Select from B.a.D. Photography Photo Set [Photo]

06 Pretty Lights August-Sept Tour Poster [Artwork]

07 Pretty Lights Monogram  


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08 Remainder of LIve in Telluride Album [Audio]

09 Live In Telluride Photo Album by Anthony Verkulien Media

10 Live in Telluride Photo Album by Lucent Illusion

11 Live in Telluride Photo Album by B.a.D. Photography

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