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Pretty Lights returns with "Only Yesterday"

Denver-based Pretty Lights is best known for his hip-hop infused tunes, thoughtfully mixed with a soulful organic sound that compliments sophisticated synthetic materials. The producer has garnered an insurmountable amount of success in the electronic scene, as an artist who challenges electronic boundaries and is consistently sharing his art at big festivals including Coachella and Ultra. Over the years, the Pretty Lights has typically released music through full-length albums, with Grammy nominated A Color Map of the Sun highlighting the peak of his success.

The genius behind the "Pretty Lights" moniker, Derek Smith, had recently been vocal on social media regarding his music output strategies. Smith expressed on social media platforms, "I'm no longer satisfied making "music" to "release" on "albums". Different is coming.". Pretty Lights subsequently posted a curious image of a  cassette tape and quoted "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light -Stanley Kubrick". This mystery left fans questioning what direction Smith will be taking in his approach to his craft, whether it be a difference in style, delivery, etc. 

The wait for new music is over and after some time, Pretty Lights has finally released exciting new material "Only Yesterday", paired with a music video directed by Ryan Berena. The track perfectly encapsulates that classic Pretty Lights sound that everyone's been missing, emulating positives vibes and is suitably paired with good times and good people. "Only Yesterday" is a nostalgic fitting, layered in luscious vocal samples loaded with euphoria and a sweet beat. The video and song coincide in its chilled-out nature, depicting footage from Pretty Lights' festival in Telluride, Colarado, presenting a blissful fan experience amongst the greatness of the mountains surrounding. Discussing the surprise release of the track, Pretty Lights stated "Only Yesterday is a track trying to express something very honest about how it can feel like an ongoing struggle to truly be yourself. The video is a piece of cinematic nostalgia, and an effort to collectively acknowledge how important it can be for an individual to find meaningful connection with their FRIENDS.". The video appears a teaser to upcoming projects from the artist, leaving fans in anticipation of what creative beats Pretty Lights will come up with next. Check out the video below. 


Electro Hop · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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