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Shinobii releases official Opal Blue remix titled "Love Away" [Premiere]

The original Opal Blue track "Taking My Love Away" was a dope uptempo combination of deep voiced whispers, playful dance synths, a steady electro rhythm and a horn heavy soundscape. Today a fellow Londoner, Shinobii, slows down the original track while maintaining a pulsing groove for an official remix titled, "Love Away".

Leaning heavier on the dubstep side, Shinobii seduces us with his remix of Opal Blue's track. The remix dips into five different genres in itself: trap, electronic, future R&B, dubstep and alternative rock. He dubs samples from the original track, but also loops and speeds up certain lyrics giving it an sexual eclectic vibe. The producer keeps a steady electro beat with the drums but still gives it a trap twist with the rolling snares. As the song continues the electronic vibe kicks in with the slow build of ethereal instruments in the background. I imagine this song being played at an underground warehouse rave, where everyone is turnt up, bodies are sweaty as fuck - BUT THE WHOLE SQUAD is sweating, so it's not like you're the only one looking like placenta - bodies are grinding, people are griping and everyone is feeling. It's unsure if there is a group orgy after the track ends but either way you feel you probably feel a mix of hyped, seduced, aroused, fired up and emotionally intense. Put this track on late night, shit is bound to get weird.

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