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BRÅVES releases video for showcase track "Lovely Bones"

Usually being turned on to a new artist is daunting. You want to love them at first listen, and sometimes it lets you down. Other times, you find a gem that makes you grateful for the circles of musically addicted patrons that surround you. One of the newest additions to my library from a friend is BRÅVES.

"Lovely Bones" is definitely the most notorious track from their second EP, and the video to accompany the track is St. Petersburg gold. Filmed in Russia, the video captures a group of young athletes in a dark, twisted way, challenging them to train for the pole dancing championships. While the message is dreary, the song itself is a blend of my modern favorites: mellow pop with a hint of electronic hip hop. 

The video's aesthetics compliment the hollow, dark nature of the song. “My hopes for this video are that it stretches the viewers comfort zone; in terms of age, social norms, athleticism/sport and beauty,” The trio explained in an interview with Huffington Post. “When we first discovered these girls and saw what they were doing, it certainly stretched us and gave us a level of discomfort. But then we questioned that discomfort and asked, ‘Why?’ That’s what we’re hoping everyone who sees this video gleans from it, ultimately a deeper sense of self, truth and open-mindedness.”

Connect with BRÅVES: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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