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Kevin Sinatra reemerges with "She Call" ft. Farma Wes

Kevin Sinatra has been called seclusive; that wouldn't be wrong. The last time we heard from the pseudo-philosophical rhyme-sayer was nearly two years ago. Seclusion, however, is not synonymous with being idle. Between writing and recording, Sinatra has been traveling, filming, building with friend and fellow 7 Serengeti squad member Farma Wes and pow-wowing with one of the most notoriously cultured (both lyrically & personally) emcee's in the land. Who, you might ask? We'll save that conversation for another time.

"She Call" is the first single to open up Lord Frio, a project that's been steadily  materializing amidst all the activity in the meantime, slated for release at the top of 2017. In very VirtuosoTheGod fashion, the longtime 7 collaborator has produced a  very feverishly percussive blend of sounds that when interlocked rhythmically is very tribal, savage even, and quite fitting considering the context of the track. While still appealing to Sinatra's dark and slightly gothic brand of trill, this oddly still feels just in time for summer.

"She Call" is the culmination of both the facilitation and frustration in dealing with the opposite sex in the modern dating landscape where everyone has a surfeit of options. Full of clever contradictions and a healthy helping of irony, the track speaks to male paranoia and, unapologetically, the male ego in regards to being "cuffed" in a monogamous relationship. Conveniently, it comes as we move into the season of sun, skin and, obviously, sex. I won't go into too much detail with the lyrics, but the chorus sums it up nicely:

Murda, murda, murda, murda/ who gives a fuck if I deserve her/ she let me fuck, had to swerve her/ so she bitchin, yeah I heard her/ I can get it, I got it the other day (this refrains thrice)/ and I wouldn't have it any other way

Stay tuned as there will be a lot more to come from Kevin in the coming months.

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