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Gold Panda shares new visuals for "Chiba Nights"


There's something about Gold Panda's music that captures the spirit of group human activity.  Whether it's a city's frenetic morning commute, or an industrial sector's constant transformation of raw materials, Gold Panda's wordly, wordless electronica cuts right to the heart of mankind's daily rhythms.  This is how it comes off to the listener, at least.  For Derwin, I think it's a little more personal.  His new album, Good Luck and Do Your Best, is a soundtrack for his time in Japan, a place he's come to love dearly over the years.  In his new collage-style video for "Chiba Nights," the montage of shopping, going out with friends, and playing music couldn't be more fitting.  It's the track on the album most easily described as "fun," and he sure looks like he's having fun in the footage too.

Good Luck and Do Your Best is out now via City Slang.  Check out the "Chiba Nights" video above before you grab the album.

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