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Todd Terry delivers on "Cold Shoulder" with Leon Cormack & Simmelink [Premiere]


The denoting of the prized "premiere" title is saved for really notable releases that deserve an exclusive first look. This one is especially memorable, with Brooklyn's Todd Terry's name on it. Terry is a fixture and more improtantly, a veteran in house music. Producing and DJing since entering the new scene in 1987, he's worked with some of the most iconic names in the game, remixed pop and electronica in the 1990's as a pillar in the pop, dance and avant garde electronica of the day, and has been nominated for Grammy awards. This week, he'll be releasing his latest track through staple house label Get Twisted Records to solidify his talent as timeless. 

"Cold Shoulder" is out Friday May 20th, and is a collaboration with Leon Cormack & Simmelink, aka English producer Leon Cormack and Dutch-Spanish producer Archip Simmelink. With a vintage disco bassline and hi hat combo, "Cold Shoulder" is immediately nostalgic. As it progresses it becomes clear that other influences throughout are more than just house's roots, but its evolution into pop and more laid back crossover grooves. Though combining elements from old and new, the message of the track is clear and uplifting. 

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