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Alpha Faktion channels the Golden Age on "Creative Control" [Video Premiere]

It’s rare that I come across a group of artists, let alone a single artist, that ignores all of the fads and gimmicks of a bubblegum music industry, staying true to themselves and the oft-forgotten roots of hip hop culture. But New York’s Alpha Faktion certainly fits the bill, and their fresh new video for “Creative Control,” an explosive anthem for indie artists everywhere, underscores the group’s dedication to preserving the unadulterated hip hop sound that’s free of corporate puppet strings.

Oh, by the way, the Faktion can rock the notorious M-I-C with the best of ‘em. Azwun and Kraze both showcase some supreme lyrical chops, peddling dope bars and abusive punchlines over Nottz's golden age production. Even ASCAP gets their ass capped. BLAP! You also gotta love the fact that all four elements are represented within the first minute of the video -- these dudes are clearly students of the game.

Be on the looky-look for Alpha Faktion's Creative Control project, due for release later this year!

Connect with Alpha Faktion: Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with Nottz: Twitter | SoundCloud

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4 years ago

This is super dope