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Thelonious Martin shares his Top 5 Things to Do in Chicago for RESCAPE THE CITY

We're just one week away from RESCAPE THE CITY in Chicago. Yesterday, we got to know a bit about Chicago-based producer and visual artist Bengfang and today we're putting the spotlight on fellow Chicago producer Thelonious Martin. The Save Money Crew member, (along with Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper) dishes out his Top 5 Things to do in Chicago below, with everything from a solid chicken dinner to where to find the best threads, Thelonious is sharing the best and brightest of The Windy City. We look forward to catching him at Rescape The City next week. We hope our Chicago Fam can make it out and if you are in town be sure to enter our Exclusive VIP Giveaway. 

"Chicago is an amazing city with a plethora of things to do, but I've been able to cut it down to about 5 things that I love doing in the city of wind." 

1. Harold's Chicken

A true Chicago staple in which those argue which are the best locations, but honestly any location but the one on Wabash and you'll be fine, personal favorite locations include 116th, Wicker Park (Milwaukee Ave.), the Greek Town location (solely off the Jesus painting in the Polo Robe).

 2. Record Shopping

Chicago has a rich record shopping experience, personally you might catch at mom and pop shops and small thrift stores in various neighborhoods. The main shops you can grab a large variety of records at Shuga Records in Wicker Park and Reckless Records in the same neighborhood. There is another record store on the south west side that I've been sworn to secrecy not to tell large groups of people. If you're in the city of Chicago and you consider yourself a record digger, collector, or just someone who enjoys casually buying records you can find something in every corner of the city.

3. Go to a Cubs game.

 I've only been once, but I'll never forget. My pops got us 3rd base seats and the atmosphere is unforgettable. You hear the legend of Wrigley but the only way to find out is to actually go. One of the best sports experiences for a fan of baseball and a good time.

4. DJ at East Room

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.08.40 PM
 My friends accidentally ended up running a year long monthly party called Open4Mat, it started as a fill in for an empty night. The party went so well, we just threw the year anniversary in April. Next one is May 13th, yes Friday the 13th and we usually have some tricks up our sleeves so come out! Honestly as a producer first spinning records has been a new creative outlet and I absolutely LOVE it.

5. Concerts in Chicago

 Our great city is a hub, great artists are always coming through at any time your favorite artists will be here, or someone new you haven't heard of, whether at the Metro, Double Door, Sub-T, Congress Theatre, Chop Shop, etc. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, May 6th at 1446 W Kinzie St. should be a great show, also look out for Joey Purp's show at the Metro on the 27th.

6. Shop
The city has some of my favorite stores not just because of the clothes but the people in the stores and their atmosphere, Jugrnaut, Sir & Madame, LDRS 1354, Fat Tiger Workshop, and Saint Alfred's. From sneakers to apparel ranging from street wear to high end Japanese brands you can find it here in Chicago at the right places.

Tickets for RESCAPE start at $20 and can be purchased here; http://www.rescape.city/event/86

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