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Bengfang is Creating a Virtual Reality Experience for RESCAPE THE CITY in Chicago

Chicago based producer and visual artist Bengfang is set to hit the stage at RESCAPE THE CITY next week and in preparation of the event we want to highlight his latest project Imperial Grade. Released last month, the 9-track album takes you on a science fiction inspired ride through the future. Edward Yang grew up in St. Paul, MN where he first dipped his toes in beat making, coming from a family with a musical background he was inspired by a young age. Upon moving to Chicago for college where he attended Film School, Bengfang found his passions for film and music aligning. With projects like The Gossip Hour and Black Texture under his belt, Yang hit his stride in the world of experimental music and art. 

Imperial Grade is no different, as Bengfang released the album on a 512MB SD card, custom-made electronic static bag and exclusive drum pack. Taking another creative approach, he remarks, “I wanted to create an experience thats more than just music, just sounds of the future. I wanted to create an impression of the future, from opening the package, to sliding the SD card in and seeing the files along with some of the instruments i used available. I want it to be memorable, like opening something on christmas, only its 2077. ”

Crafting a sound influenced by hip-hop electronic and eclectic rhythmic nuances, as well as textured sounds and sound designs, Bengfang is set to take our Chicago audience on a audible journey. He's been working very hard on a virtual reality expierence that will match his music and be expeirenced for all attending RESCAPE THE CITY. 

Tickets for RESCAPE (while they last) start at $20 and can be purchased here; http://www.rescape.city/event/86

Don't forget we're also giving away a VIP Package 

Includes VIP Package (Open bar) + FX Headphones + Swag Bag

Connect with Bengfang - Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter 

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