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KAIXEN sends you on a beautiful journey with his latest EP, 'Diet'

Miami-based producer KAIXEN has released his eclectic EP, Diet. This isn't just any EP. This project has entirely different sounds in each song. You have to listen all the way through to taste all the flavors.

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Once again, it's taken me 10+ listens to define a genre. So far I've come up with, "Outer-Space-Rock-Indie-R&B-Electronic-Acid-Trip". Some cuts leave you feeling mobbed in a spaceship but other tracks create these underwater sensations and your body can only move gently along with the percussion of the waves. KAIXEN described Diet's sound as,

"..dark R&B with a touch in indie influence, I cut up a lot of vocal samples, and just fucked with them. I love to experiment with sounds and make sure that every sound just feels like they're calling you."

Undoubtedly the most indie sounding of the EP is the project's first track, "Cloud Watching," featuring Silk Matthews on the vocals. Yet, the song still keeps the R&B sounds with a rolling snare and drum. Next up is "How Did We", which starts with looping vocals, slow piano and snaps, making this an easy listening, floating-on-top-of-water track, but not quite underwater. Just when you think the track couldn't get any smoother Vouixx comes through with the saxophone. "Theres More To Us" starts and instantly lifts you out of the water and into the sky. Looping vocals, crazy electronic beeps come 2 minutes in, and suddenly past the clouds and into outer space. "To Be In Love & Terrified" is exactly what the title suggests. You're left vulnerable and your entire world is a fucked up mess but in the most beautiful way possible. The vocal sample portrays a singer searching for a lost inner voice.

Next is my favorite off the project called "What You Want", a remix of Aaliyah's infamous track, "Rock the Boat". With a perfect mix of R&B and grungy electronic, he speeds up a loop of her vocals, while keeping a steady beat in the background. Around a minute in, the ship starts to sink, but don't trip, you can breathe underwater. The song starts out riding the waves until the percussion pulls you all the way under, making you feel like a mermaid/man. Finishing off the EP is "Pursuit of Love", a beautiful mix of all the tracks above making you believe you may just be in heaven hearing Charlie Chaplin's voice in the outro.

Did I mention you can download the EP for free? Click the Bandcamp link below. 

Connect with KAIXEN: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp



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