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Doctor P & Flux Pavilion just dropped your weekend soundtrack with "Party Drink Smoke"

Doctor P & Flux Pavilion released their latest collaboration today, with the EP Party Drink Smoke.

The mix wastes no time and goes right into a fast paced party banger, "Party Drink Smoke," and provides a complete rap onslaught, courtesy of Georgia rapper Jarren Benton. “Fuckers" and “Stampede" follow suit with various analog samples (even a few synths and horns), heavy fuzzy bass hits and classic dubstep elements. In all, this EP is a gift for fans who have found themselves turned away from the current state of  dubstep and the unfortunate producers flooding the genre with easily accessible music. Doctor P and Flux Pavilion bring back classic dubstep elements, with some updated bass artistry, to remind fans why they originally loved the genre in the first place. 

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