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Forget Gravity drops shimmering remix of Vienna Ditto's "Tiny Tambourines" [Premiere]

You’ll find few bands more eclectic than Oxford duo, Vienna Ditto. You could apply such vagueries as 'pop-noir' to their music, but their own description for upcoming EP, Ticks, is much more satisfying: “[Ticks is] seven sonically-alluring sci-fi blues tracks that slip somewhere between a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, a charity shop Bacharach-on-the-Moog-Synthesizer album and a bad night on the brown acid.” See what I mean? The band is comprised of guitarist Nigel Firth and Hatty Taylor, whose sultry alto is redolent of vintage, jazz-aged crooners.

Prefacing Ticks' release, EARMILK is premiering a remix of its second song, “Tiny Tambourines.” Graeme Rawson (aka Forget Gravity)—label mates with Vienna Ditto—has distilled the track down to Taylor’s salient vocal and a bevy of danceable beats. Amidst woozy synths, skittering arpeggios, and explosions of sequined electronics, Rawson assembles a remix that nicely balances the poignancy of the original and the dancefloor MO of his own canon.

Ticks arrives on May 13 via Ubiquity Project Recordings.

Connect with Vienna Ditto: Facebook | Soundcloud

Connect with Forget Gravity: Facebook | Soundcloud

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