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EARMILK staff share their most memorable Prince tracks

A seven-time Grammy winner, Academy Award winner for "Purple Rain," and 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Prince will remain an icon and music legend that will truly be missed.  The artist remains one of the few performers to contain an accomplished music catalog often credited “Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince.” He was one of pop’s paramount sex symbols that celebrated the musical power of romance. His tracks addressed the realms of social issues, racial, cultural, mysticism, science fiction, passion and more. He mastered the marriage between funky dance grooves and seductive pop vocals, while effortlessly throwing in intricate guitar hooks. 

Prince's influence to music transcends genres, continents and culture. The EARMILK staff took a moment to share a few tracks that will forever leave a lasting impression. Check them out below:

"Musicology," Musicology 

I selected this track, because I was able to see Prince live at the age of 13 in Memphis, TN on his "Musicology" tour. It is one of my favorite concerts to this day, and I can remember playing the free CD I received upon entering the concert every day trying to relive that feeling I experienced watching him play live. Prince was the epitome of an entertainer. If only I could have seen him live one more time. McKenzii Webster

"1999," 1999 


This has always been a standout track for me. Not just because it's funky as hell, but also because I get this vivid flashback of listening to it with my dad. We listened to a lot of Prince records and a lot of tracks stand out like this. Although with "1999," I remember my dad describing the song when it first came out, they thought we'd have hover cars and everything would be like The Jetsons by 1999. That disappointment of not coming true has always struck me as funny. Lauren Jefferson

"Little Red Corvette," 1999 

My all-time favorite Prince jam is "Little Red Corvette." The line, "I guess I should of closed my eyes when you drove me to the place where your horses run free" is such a gem. No one can steam up windows like the prince of pop. RIP. Mark Gavigan

"Kiss," Parade


This is one of the greatest pop songs of all-time. When the guitar intro hits, I still lose it! Winston E. Brewington, Jr.

"Purple Rain." Purple Rain 


In the words of BigGhost,  "He was Sly Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix all rolled into one...yet he mimicked nobody. My man was 5'2 but he cast the shadow of a giant. Nobody will ever fill his shoes. May you rest in everlasting power my G. Thank you for the beautiful music, the memories....n that muthafuckin magic. Salute." Paige Luisa

"I Would Die 4 U," Purple Rain


This track holds a special place for me. Prince is the master of being able to bridge an up-beat dance groove with the topic of a dark shaded love infatuation. The topic itself is love of the unflinching variety, yet Prince is able to inject so much of the human intricacies of what the actual experience of love feels like. Through thick and thin, Prince loved big and it showed. Montrey Whittaker, EARMILK Co-Founder & President 

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