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Camelphat remixes "Trust Me" by Ryan Blyth & After 6

Radio 1 DJ Danny Howard has enjoyed a string of successful releases since forming Nothing Else Matters with his former colleague Nigel Harding. His latest trump card comes in the form of a 4 track remix EP of "Trust Me" by Ryan Blyth & After 6. Elusive house duo Camelphat is one of the remixers in question who flesh out the original into a groove heavy party anthem.

Fizzing drum rolls launch you straight into a pulsing bass line as the cut up vocals from the original swirl around the main body of the track. A palpable atmosphere forms during the breakdown, with the vocals looping over the top of ferocious drum rolls until you're hurled into the jagged synth stabs that drive the track forward. It's classic Camelphat, high octane dance music for the masses.

This one is out on April 15th alongside remixes from Low Steppa, TS7 and Frankee


Bass · Deep House · House


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