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UV Boi releases new track "Show You" (feat. MTNS)

Aussie artist UV Boi has released the new MTNS-featuring track "Show You" off of his new Luv EP, and there are very clear cut reasons why it is the leading single. You'd never know, but the Brisbane-based artist produces direct from his bedroom, every layer of soulful vocals and stunning synths. 

"Show You" doesn't disappoint, and lives up to the idea of finding love in an online world, pulled direct from the Luv EP concepts. "I miss you, tell me, how to take your heart back," MTNS sings and you can feel the anguish. During the song, you can feel the phases of a relationship ebb and flow, almost as if you're waiting for an online love to answer. The full Luv EP can be found here




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