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Great Caesar releases striking visuals for "Hey Mama' [Premiere]

Just last week, New York-based indie rock group Great Caesar released their new EP  Jackson's Big Sky. The album is a beautifully crafted representation of the group's immense talent and musicianship. The album has a natural ebb and flow, allowing the group to show their ability to create a delicate love song like "Kiss Me Again" which is rich in pleasant warms melodies and crescendos like an excited heartbeat in the presence of love — and then follow it with a driving rock song like "Take Me To The River" that allows their horn section to shine, giving the upbeat song a tinge of soul. Following the album's release, Great Caesar shares the first music video from the album, for the hit "Hey Mama." In the past, Caesar's videos have been rich in imagery and storytelling, creating captivating narratives that draw you in like in "Don't Ask Me Why."  In this video, the band diverts from their typical cinematic approach to music videos and strips things down with an artfully crafted black and white performance video.  Read what frontman John-Michael Parker had to say about the video, check it out below, and give the album a listen as well. 

"Hey Mama is a song about disappointment and unfulfilled expectations, and the creeping anxiety of knowing you've done wrong by someone you love. Sam's concept was so resonant with us because he found a way to capture that heaviness, that darkness, in a simple and stark way that gave room for the song itself to breathe. If you've seen our other music videos (Don't Ask Me Why, Still Love, and Holiday) you might notice that we've hardly shown our faces; this time around, however, we decided to put the band and the performance front and center, while still offering the viewer another way into the depth of these emotions through the literal representation of that suffocating regret the main character is trying to express."

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