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Fog Lake's "Rattlesnake" is lo-fi pop bliss

Fog Lake, a one man band emerging out of east coast Canada, makes glorious-sounding bedroom music. "Rattlesnake" is his most recent instance of such.

Coming off fresh from last year's release of Victoria Park (via Orchid Tapes), "Rattlesnake" acts as an indication of Fog Lake's forthcoming LP, which is set for release sometime later this year.

"Rattlesnake" is painful pop that is heart-wrenching yet soothing to listen to. On the topic, Fog Lake ventures to explain that it's kind of the point: "the songs for the new album I'm working on seem to have recurring themes of how we medicate ourselves, and the bad habits we all have to keep ourselves sane". 

Listen below.   


Indie · Lo-Fi · Shoegaze


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