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Take Babeheaven's dreamy tour of London in "Heaven" [Video]

There is something so inexplicably familiar and comforting in the music of Babeheaven, a five-piece band hailing from West London. Perhaps it is Nancy's whimsical, yet soulful vocals that evokes this since of intimacy in "Heaven," or maybe it Jamie's, Milo's, and Harry's ethereal, but grungy backing that provide this feeling; either way, there is something so beautiful about hearing a track that sounds both forward thinking and nostalgic at the same time. Hugo's intoxicating bass line, laying underneath the Nancy's breathy vocals and running amok around stellar instrumentation, creates an undeniable song that is hard to turn off.

"Heaven's" accompanying video appears to play around with this warmhearted theme. Starring Nancy's little sister, the video takes viewers into the band's home and neighborhood—essentially their world. The visuals are not fancy in anyway, but are scenes from their everyday lives. Footage—some grainy VHS quality, others shot in modern HD—of the band buying takeout or enjoying a strange Jiu-jitsu demonstration in someone's living room dominate the visuals.

Babeheaven have stated that "Heaven" is a song about Nancy's late mother, so it makes sense that both the video and the track revolve around family and close friends. It is probably why it just feel so right and easy to listen to. They are definitely gearing up for more music, which should be exciting. Give it a view above.

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