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Kidswaste focuses on the details with new remix of Les Gordon's "Atlas"

Les Gordon is one of those producers that has truly succeeded in establishing a sound that is his own. Songs like "Atlas" will make your ears perk up because of its smooth combination of acoustic strings blending seamlessly with a beautiful melody comprised of some advanced vocal chopping. They're elements that are prevalent in electronic-ish music nowadays, and to master the art of combining both and having them sound unique is a skill in itself. 

Les Gordon's "Atlas Remix EP" will be out on April 1st through Kitsuné, and young French producer Kidswaste makes a subtle but impressive addition with his remix. Kidswaste takes the vocal chops of the original song and turns them into a suppressed figment, gradually allowing them to crescendo but never letting them take over the song entirely. In the meantime, the cello and string combination at the beginning of the song gets a stronger spotlight shined on them, bringing out elements of the original song that could have been easily overlooked. And finally, to add his signature flair, Kidswaste adds in a couple finger snaps (that you'll hear in many of his other songs) making his "Atlas" Remix very much his own. 


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