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Guh's latest will take you "On Top of the World" [Premiere]

Edinburgh based producer guh, is a creative individual who's presence on social media is carefully reserved. This quietness draws a sort of mystery to the producer and audiences sit in anticipation for what sort of material he'll bring to the table next. After a quick shuffle through the artist's page, it's clear the electronic producer has an artistic vision that flows with coordinated art work saturated in transparencies and warm colours. His work "Pillow Talk" is a hazy offering with brushing ambient sweeps and is a form of electronic zen. The song stands out with it's soft trap break downs and mellowed percussion. "Komorebi" is a track that works with shrilling future bass synths and punchy buzzing 808's that glow in it's entirety. What guh does in his craft is develop music that speaks to the soul and holds an ethereal wispiness embedded in a dreamy buoyancy.

"On Top of the World" is a pillowy track containing muffled tonalities that add a surrealist presence. The song has a washed out aesthetic in it's warmth. Guh's sounds move in and out of reality with it's rattling synth work and bumping bass. The corrugated vocals are sweet and seep through the vintage tendencies of the track, creating an ideal backdrop to a leisure-filled spring afternoon. 

Chillstep · Electronic · Main Stage


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