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Sweat unveils silky tunes "Number One" and "Keep Tight"

Montreal-based Sweat have just recently debuted the first two tracks known to their moniker, entitled "Number One" and "Keep Tight". 

Comprised of frontman Robben Lent (vocals, guitar), Georgia Gleason (guitar, vocals), Jordan Siemens (bass), and Alan McTavish (drums), Sweat offer a subtle, slacker-induced tweak on the surf rock formula, a sound evident on both offerings.

The two tracks hail off of their forthcoming self-titled EP, due out April 2/16 via Human Sounds Records. "Number One" and "Keep Tight" are both incredibly easy listens that most prominently featuring high-octave guitar work that demonstrates both technical proficiency and tasteful restraint.

Vocally, Gleason's coos on "Number One" prove to be soft, wistful bursts, while Lent melodically croons on "Keep Tight". It's all very complimentary. 

Sweat shows promise, despite emerging in one of the most crowded genre spaces in independent rock music right now. 


Soft Rock


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