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The Gloomies release western influenced "Bleached Out" [Premiere]

If you're familiar with indie rock band The Gloomies' previous release "LSD" or "Groves," their newest single "Bleached Out" may take you by surprise. Prior to today's release, their sound was dripping in sunshine and the vibes of so-cal surf rock. Today the band releases their lastest single "Bleached Out," which boasts a new and ambitious direction. If Quentin Tarantino and John Wayne hopped in the studio with MGMT, the result would be the new western-tinged release from The Gloomies. It waxes nostalgic and trades sunny beaches for sun bleached desserts. The iconic twang of western cinema resounds in the verses as the strained indie vocals croon over the melody. It's an exciting and intriguing new direction and one we are eager to explore more with them. Travel down to death valley with The Gloomies and stay tuned for the Blackout EP, available April 1st 2016 via Thrill Me Records.

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